As a fan of all genres of music, Alex Kouros began collecting music at a young age. By his early teens, he had already accumulated an extensive collection of vinyl records, and cds. Alex began his dj career in his early teens. By age 16, Alex was a professional dj, and by age 17, a partner in a thriving mobile dj business. That company went on to become Bravo Sound, which is currently one of the larger, most respected event production companies in New York. Bravo Sound continues to get requests for Alex Kouros, charging a premium to provide Alex to DJ at special events. More info is available at

Aside from his successful business, Alex Kouros is a popular nightclub dj. He has a large following in the New York area, and has played at various clubs throughout the U.S. and in Europe. As a creative, and versatile DJ, he is proud of his ability to provide a wide variety of music styles to any arena. Fully adept at spinning house, hip-hop, reggae, r&b, and classics; he enjoys putting music together in his own unique way, creating dance floors full of energy, and excitement. "Every event is different, you have to play for the crowd not for yourself" he says. “Sometimes I have to play dance and house music all night, and other times, it’s all hip hop and reggae. It all depends on the event. I love it when I can put all kinds of music into the mix. It keeps the energy level high, and the crowd never knows what I’m gonna do next.” No matter what the genre, his creative, art-like mixing ability is always evident, and appreciated. After all his years of experience, this young professional hasn’t forgotten the audience, saying “I love to hear the crowd roar when I play, no matter what I’m playing. That’s what it’s all about.” 

Born in Brooklyn, New York,  Alex is well versed in world music. He has a large assortment of his own remixes of which he mostly keeps for his own use - to separate himself from other djs.  Alex Kouros has a degree in audio engineering from New York’s Institute of Audio Research. He’s currently working on producing music and house tracks of his own, putting his degree to work and has many releases on various online downloadable media and streaming services.

He has also played with various Greek artists, including: Anna Vissi (at a Club party) and Giannis Ploutarhos (at his concert in 2007) where he was the opener and closing act. He’s also had the good fortune to play privately for various celebrities as well. A few years back, he was the DJ at hip hop music producer Swizz Beats’, wedding when Bravo Sound provided the entertainment. He has DJed club parties with Kim Kardashian from the hit tv show "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" and Holly Madison, former girl's next door star. He also has DJed private events where various entertainers have performed such as Kim Sozzi. He’s played for members of the Streisand family. He was the dj at the wedding of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ son; and has played for the families of various politicians and other well-known families.